St. John the Baptist: Craig, Colorado Visioning Retreat—March 2, 2019

On March 2, we welcomed Fr. Theodore Dorrance from our Metropolis of Denver, who led a Parish Council Retreat, in which we developed a strategic plan for St. John’s for the coming 3 – 5 years.

Core Values:

Fidelity to Orthodox Christian TruthStewardshipFamilyLoveOutreach & EvangelismPrayer & WorshipContinual Learning & Repentance



St. John the Baptist Mission Statement:

Our mission is to uphold and share the Orthodox Christian Faith through the love of Christ in sacramental worship, outreach, and the stewardship of our daily lives as we continually grow into the likeness of Christ.

St. John the Baptist Vision Statement:

Our vision as a faithful Orthodox Christian community shall be to commit ourselves to grow in the love of Christ through sacramental worship, love of our neighbor and the stewardship of our daily lives.

Strategic Objectives (Areas of Focus):

Orthodox Christian Education/Formation (Implement Year 1)Christian Stewardship (Implement Year 1)Worship/Sacramental Life (Implement Year 1)Technology, Social Media, Website, & Media (Implement Half Year 1; Half Year 3)

Outreach to Craig (Implement in Year 3)Family & Youth Ministry (Implement in Year 3)



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